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Dear Foster Parent…

Dear Foster Parent

Dear Foster Parents,

Before your foster children move in, consider these 5 bits of a wisdom from a former foster youth:

1.Make sure to be understanding and listen to whatever they say.

They look up to you for guidance. They might not feel comfortable talking at first but once they do, listen and be understanding.


They are just as nervous as you. Remember to be yourselves around them so they know the real you.

3. Take classes in order to prepare yourself for the children who will be living with you.

They have more than likely been through a lot and may need some accommodations.

4. Make sure the children feel welcomed.

Have their names decorated on their bedroom doors, have a welcome sign by the door. This helps them feel like home.

5. Be sensitive to bio family visits

If their biological parents have parental rights and the children are comfortable around them, be supportive of the family visits. Try to work together with the biological parents as well, since they can probable give you tips on caring for their own. This can help the children trust you guys more.

One positive memory I have are my foster parents keeping my siblings and I all together. This was the best thing they can possibly do. If it’s possible, please try to keep all siblings together. It helps make them feel safe and loved. As long as you’re mindful to the children, they’ll love you as their own parents. It’ll take some time for them to be used to you, so please be patient!

Even though the beginning might be a little tough, the children will start to love you more because of your efforts. Thank you for taking in these children and opening your home to them.

~ Zolena