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Help Us Welcome Our Newest Board Member, Darren Thompson

darren thompson

We would like to introduce you to Darren Thompson, one of the two new additions to our Board of Directors. Darren and his wife Dayna came to know the Lord in their early twenties and were discipled by some people who were pivotal in their life. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Dayna, for 20 years and they have four children: two biological and two adopted. Darren works as an IT Manager at a local health care company, specializing in application development. Darren and his wife Dayna lead the foster and adoption ministry at Denton Bible Church. We feel honored he chose to serve his time on our Board and are so grateful to have him. Take a moment to read on to learn a little more about why he decided to join the board and what he wants you to know about foster care and adoption.

Interviewer: When did you first get involved with foster care and adoption? What is one thing that has surprised you the most after your involvement?

Darren Thompson: “We started the adoption process in 2006. We knew some families who had already adopted so we felt very comfortable adopting but it’s still a roller coaster at times. What we didn’t expect was to see God’s provision throughout the process. It was really encouraging.”

Interviewer: What would you like others to know about foster care and adoption? 

Darren Thompson: “Some people have a hard time understanding how you could love someone’s else’s child, but when you realize they are totally dependent on you that parental gene kicks in and you do what you have to do to take care of them and be the best parent possible.”

Interviewer: What made you want to join the board of directors for Zoie’s Place?

Darren Thompson: “My wife and I lead the foster and adoption ministry at our church, but we seem to focus on the 10 and under children. Zoie’s Place exemplifies a commitment to those who are technically adults but still need help in some of life’s biggest decisions in those young adult years.”

Interviewer: What are you looking forward to most in this new role?

Darren Thompson: “I would love to see the local church really get involved in helping ministries like Zoie’s Place. There are so many resources within the church that would be accessible if the right people are involved. I plan on bridging the gap with these two organizations where possible.”