What Others Are Saying

“Zoie’s Place has changed my life. Before I got here, I felt like I was nobody. I was alone. But the moment I came to Zoie’s Place, I felt like I was special and my life had meaning to it. Since moving into Zoie’s Place, I’ve tried many things I’ve never done before. Zoie’s Place is the best place for any girl in my situation; if they come here, their life will be forever changed, like mine.”
Former Zoie's Place Resident
“Zoie’s Place has helped me get a better perspective on life and how you can choose to live life in a positive light or a negative one. Brandy has been a blessing and a stepping stone in my life. When I needed help, she was the only one I called that came to my rescue with open arms ready to help. She really motivates you to want to do something with your life. There’s so much out there that she wants to show us no matter what background we come from, she just wants us to know we are loved and can do anything in life.”
Former Zoie's Place Resident
“When I first met Brandy, I thought she would be like the rest of my caseworkers, but instead, she showed me there where good caseworkers out there who cared. She was the best caseworker a kid could ask for and I thank God for her every day.”
Former Foster Youth
“I met Brandy Coty when I was 14 years old; she was my caseworker until I aged out of foster care. Words cant describe the love I have for her, she met me at my worst in life, when I was very hard to handle . I will never forget the way she stood by my side through all the bad things I put her through. She was always patient and loving towards me, my heart always knew she was different from all the other caseworkers I had before. She was different because she actually cared for me. It was not just a job for her, she had passion and love for what she was doing.”
Former Zoie's Place Foster Youth
“I had the opportunity of meeting Brandy Coty many years ago, I was the foster parent to one of the children on her case load. Brandy display professionalism and love for the child. The one thing that was really awesome about Brandy was that she was 100% supportive of me as the foster parent, and because of the balance she showed with the child and myself as the parent, our child was very successful. Brandy has a big heart and does the job with a spirit of Excellence. Working with her was a great honor.”
Former Foster Parent
“Zoie’s Place helped me when I needed it most by helping to furnish my first apartment. They gave me the tools I needed to start a life of my own. I’ll always be grateful for the help given to me and I wish only the best for Brandy and her organization!”
Former Foster Youth