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What Others Are Saying

“Zoie’s Place gave me the support I needed. With people around my age from a number of different ethnicities, I don't feel alone anymore."
Zolena, TWU Graduate and M.A.T.C.H. Program Participant
Dear Foster Parent
“Without Zoie's Place, I would not be back in school right now. Zoie's Place helped me pay off the two colleges I owed so that I could finally get my transcripts after 8 years of not getting financial aid. They have also helped me with food and needed items. I will always be forever grateful for their support."
Angie, M.A.T.C.H. Program Participant
“Zoie’s Place has changed my life. Before I got here, I felt like I was nobody. I was alone. But the moment I came to Zoie’s Place, I felt like I was special and my life had meaning to it. Zoie’s Place is the best place for any girl in my situation. If they come here, their life will be forever changed like mine.”
Former Zoie's Place Program Participant